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Architectural Features
 Letter Name Code Examples (click numbers to view)
 A Alignment ALIN 16
Anchor Hole ANHO 1 a,b,c,d,e
Anchor Peg ANPE 24 a,b
Architectural Element AREL 11
Artifact Other ART1 30
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 B Bsmt Course 3 part Intermediate BAIN
Bsmt Course 3 part Lower BALO
Balustrade BALS
Basement Molding BAMO
Barbican BARC 45
Basin Rock Cut BARO 51
Basin Small Circular BASC
Basement BASE
Basin BASN 38 a,b,c
Bastion BAST
Battered Area BATA
Bsmt Course 3 part Upper BAUP
Benchmark BEMA 19 a,b
Boulder BOLD 34 a,b
Bracket BRAK
Brickwork BRIK
Bruised Area BRUS 15
Backsight Permanent Station BSST
Backsight Secondary Station BSTS
 C Capital CAPT 6 a,b,c
Cart Trail CART 39
Ceiling Panel CELP
Ceiling Slab CELS 36
Cement CEMT
Cleared Area CLAR
Concrete CONC 27 a,b,c
Cutaway CUTA 29
 D Disc Stone DISC
Disturbed Area DIST
Door Jam DORJ 40 a1, a2
Door Pivot DORP 25 a,b1,b2,b3,c,d,e,f
Door Socket DORS 26 a,b,c1,c2,c3,d
Doorway DORW
Drain Rock Cut DRAR 41
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 E Eaves Slab EAVE
Embankment Fort EMBA
 F Feature Other FEA1
Field FELD
Floor Concrete FLOC
Floor FLOO 48
Floor Rock Cut FLOR
Foundation Course FONC
 G Game Board GAME 5 a,b,c,d,e,f,g
Gate Post GAPO
Gateway GATE 47 a1,a2,a3
Graffito GRAF
Grinding Stone Cylindrical GRCY
Groove Rock Cut GROV
Ground Stone GRST
Grinding Slab Footed GSFO
Grinding Slab GSLA
 H Hammer Stone HAMS
Hatch Mark HATC
Hedge HEDG
 I Incised Line INCI
Inscription INSC
 L Lamp Column LACO
Lamp LAMP 20 a1,a2,a3,b
Lintel LINT 35
 M Maul MAUL
Mortar Bedrock MOBE 4 a,b
Mortar Block MOBO 50
Mound Rubble MOND
Mortar MORT
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 N Niche NICH
Notch NOTC
 O Outcrop Edge OUTE
 P Paving Stone PAST
Pathway PATH 33 a1,a2,a3
Pavement PAVE
Pecked Area PECK 32
Pedestal Foot Print PEDF
Pedestal PEDS
Pecked Figure PEKA
Pestle PEST
Pillar Base PILB
Pillar PILL
Pitha PITA
Pit Circular Rock Cut PITC
Plant Agave PLAG
Platform PLAT
Plant Cactus PLCA 23 a1,a2
Pillar Foundation Block PLFB 52 a,b
Plant Shrub PLSH
Plant Tree PLTR
Polished Area POLA
Porch PORC
Pitted Area PTAR
 Q Quern Stone QRNS 21
Quarried Area Past QUAP 17
Quarried Area Modern QUAR
Quarry Hole QUHO
 R Ramp RAMP
Revenue Marker REVO
Revenue Marker Rock Cut REVR
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 S Scatter SCAT
Sculpture SCUL 14 a,b
Sculpture Rock Cut SCUR 28 a,b,c,d,e,f,g1,g2,h1,h2
Seating for Beam SEBE 43 a,b,c1,c2
Seating for Block SEBO
Seating for Pillar SEPI 2 a,b
Seating for Roof SERO
Seating for Wall SEWA 18 a,b,c
Sheet Rock SHET
Shrine SHRN
Slab SLAB 13 a,b,c,d
Slick Grinding SLIK
Socket Circular SOCI
Socket Rectangular SORE 44 a,b
Socket Small Circular SOSC
Socket Tie SOTI
Staircase STAR
Station STAT 3 a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l
Stairway STAW 7
Step Structural STEP
Step Rock Cut STER 10 a,b,c,d,e,f1,f2,g
Structure STRU
 T Temple TEMP 8
Termite Nest TERM 37 a,b,c
Terrace TERR
Tie Block TIBL
Tie Rock Cut TIRC 12 a,b,c
Trough Rock Cut TRRC
 W Wall Double Faced WADF 9 a,b,c
Wall Enclosure WAEN
Wall Fortification WAFO 46 a1,a2,a3
Wall Farmer's WAFR 42 a,b
Wall Retaining WARE
Wall Single Face WASF 31 a,b
Wall Spill WASP
Watch Tower WATR
Well WELL 22
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