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The Team: Past and Present Members
David Nelson Gimbel
Director, 2000-2004
New York, NY
United States
John Fritz

United States
Max Farrar
Assistant Director, 2001-2002
United Kingdom
Jessica Glass
Video Producer, 2000-2002
New York, NY
United States
NK Chandrashekar
Driver, 2000-2002
South India
José Alcayaga III
Interactive Designer,
Surveyor, 2001-2004
Stamford, CT
United States
Ian Stell
Surveyor, 2000-2001, 2004

United States
Anup Borkar
Driver, 2003
Goa, South India
G.L. Sathish
Surveyor's Assistant, 2000-2004

Kamalapuram, Karnataka
South India
Milan Trenc
QTVR Photographer, 2001-2002
New York, NY
United States
Group Photos
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Photo 1: Team 2002
Photo 2: Team 2000-2001 members
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