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Noblemen's Quarter
Several major buildings within the North Ridge survey area should be classified either as 'palaces' or as similar 'elite' buildings. The ground plan of one such building, which had never been previously mapped or drawn, bears marked similarities in layout to the buildings within the area known as the Noblemen's Quarter - an 'elite' district.

The work in the Noblemen's Quarter, like that on the North Ridge utilizes the 'non-invasive' techniques. The aim of these techniques are to map and to register, by means of physically 'non-intrusive' practices, the extensive building and habitation remains that are currently visible.

This is accomplished utilizing a combination of state of the art surveying and data collection techniques, digital photography, and digital video. The focus in this area is to document and to model, by means of three-dimensional surveying techniques, a series of buildings that have been fully excavated and conserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and by the Karnataka Department of Archaeology and Museums (KDAM).

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